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dear uncle napoleon

Posted on 2006.08.08 at 18:13
Current Location: chez moi
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It's very hard for me to concentrate on reading in the summer. For one, I work too much at my repetitive, no-brainer job. For two, in the summer I’m always under the impression that I should be having "outdoor fun," meaning not lying around indoors all day. The problem lies in the fact that I cannot and do not enjoy reading outside. If I lay in the garden at my house, I am distracted by every car/person/cat that walks by. If I lay in a park, I get distracted by the frisbee throwers and annoying kids running around. If I sit in an outdoor café, my attention defaults to the people walking by and the conversations surrounding me. In all, the place where I enjoy to read the most is either on my couch or in my bed. While I myself have no problem with this, it drives many of the people I hang out with insane when I would rather lay around and read in bed rather than talk a walk on the beach, partaking in outdoor summer activities, or going to happy hour at the bar.

Anyways, for the past month I have almost completely given up on reading. Not by choice, but rather because of the aforementioned and unavoidable circumstances that present themselves every summer. I have picked up everything from Zola to Márquez, from Proust to Roy to Fitzgerald, from history to political science to anthropology, and nothing has managed to keep my concentration beyond the 3rd chapter. A highly problematic situation, I know.

For months now, in the lost and found at my work, I have seen a book entitled "My Uncle Napoleon." For months I have ignored it because, to be honest, I didn't like the title of the book. I don't care much for Napoleon and I could care even less about a novel having to do with him. So each time I went into the lost and found to look for something, I would toss "My Uncle Napoleon" to the side wondering how much longer it would sit there until they finally gave it to Goodwill. About a week ago, I once again came across said book. As I was carelessly tossing it to the side once more, I noticed the name Azar Nafisi written along the binding. It was just 3 months ago that I finally got around to reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and I have been looking for other works by Nafisi. Thinking this must be some new book of hers I ventured so far as to leaf through the first few pages of the book only to find that she had just written the introduction. Putting my disappointment aside I continued to leaf through the book eventually arriving at chapter one where I began. I didn't stop until 502 pages later where I read the last line, put the book down, and sighing to myself declared that this was possibly one of the greatest works of literature I had ever read. It has both all and nothing to do with Napoleon. It has both all and nothing to do with the current state of the world. It has everything to do with humanity.


je déteste la pluie au mois de juin

Posted on 2006.06.12 at 11:26
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Musique actuelle: sniper. trait pour trait.
Ciel! Que vais-je lui dire, et par où commencer?

Lets trade out the café for a porto, swap Paris Match for le Monde, and rather than buy swimsuits, raid all the bookstores in the quartier latin....Then kick back in a nice little jardin (if the pelouse isn't au repos) on a bright sunny summer day (le contraire de ce que nous avons à seattle).. Afterwards, you can accompany me as I buy Bollywood film contrabande in the quartier indian, we can eat at this fabulous little Indian resturant I know that makes palak paneer that takes me back to India.

Interruption. My cat, renoir, wants to go out.

So where was I.....Arabic tea? When I was Tunisia I craved it, but, helas, I didn't get to taste it once. Every time I passed a teahouse and considered it, I only had to take one look at the male only clientele whom all stared at me like I was insane for even considering going into their domain in the first place. Arab women are strong to deal with that sort of shit everyday. I just get frustrated and evasive. Thankfully in Turkey the teahouses are not like that. I drank Turkish tea with the best of them and actually went into caffeine withdrawal when my time came to leave.

Speaking of which. Break for tea. This mornings flavor: Fair Trade Earl Grey Ceylan.......

Sorry, lots of interruptions. My grandfather is a pied-noir. It's amazing to hear his stories about Algiers and Oran. What a totally different world. I dream of going there...but not yet. So many other places in the world I want to go first...and so many other places I want to revisist...

Voyage au Congo. andré gide...book of the day.


lesser of two evils?

Posted on 2006.04.25 at 19:00
Current Location: paris
Musique actuelle: j'en sais rien
You know the French are having some major issues when you start seeing more Starbucks trash thrown in the streets that cigarrette butts. The lesser of two evils? That's debatable.


march on monday

Posted on 2006.04.06 at 15:41
Current Location: work it baby
Musique actuelle: aye aye aye
Dia Nacional de Huelga!

March for immigrant rights and migration reform!!! Show Washington that we are not going accept their exclusionist reforms and show your solidarity with the immigrant rights movement. Stand up against the criminalization of migrants and their families!


Start at St. Maria church, 611 S, 20 St., march to the Federal Building in downtown Seattle.


Monday April 10th 2006 at 3:30pm.

Need more info?


Organized by: CASA Latina, LELO, Centro de la Raza, Inglesia Sta. Maria, Southwest Family and Youth Services, SEIU Local 6, Centro Latino de Tacoma, M.E.Ch. A-UW, M.E.Ch.A-TESC, Cascade People's Center, Arab American Community Coalition, El Comite Pro-Amnistia Gereral y Justicia Social, y muchos mas....

See you there!!


Handwriting Personality Quiz

Posted on 2006.04.06 at 12:23
Current Location: chez moi
Humeur actuelle: apatheticapathetic
Musique actuelle: daler mehndi

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.
You are negative, fearful, resistant, doubtful, and/or selfish.
You are reserved, shy, cautious, and thoughtful.
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.


work anyone??

Posted on 2006.03.30 at 18:14
Current Location: work work work
So my work is hiring for a part-time person 2 or 3 days a week (including friday and saturday evenings on the 3-11 shift). They asked if I know anyone so I thought I would maybe put it out there to check....
It would be working the front desk, checking people in/out, phones, stuff like that, not complicated and pays around $10.50 ++/hr. They are willing to hire someone without expirence as long as they are "trainable," whatever that means.

It is a super slack job with loads of down time(although as summer comes it gets a little crazier), super nice co-workers, and little to no structure, meaning we kinda do our own thing with no supervision and the job gets done.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who might be, let me know...



Posted on 2006.03.15 at 18:34
Musique actuelle: france culture
"For a woman never knows why she suddenly withdraws from everyday life for a time any more than she knows why the cloud of depression suddenly lifts from her."

~Hanan al-Shaykh


grad school depression

Posted on 2006.02.17 at 10:52
Musique actuelle: Cali--pensons à l'avenir bébé
Ugh. I just got out of my grad school interview. What a fucking disaster! I hate interviews and this one was the worst. I mean how do you answer questions like "if you could change one thing in your life what would it be" and "where will you be in 5 years?" Who fucking knows!!?? If I had the answer to that question I might have some direction in life. ugh. I also had to bring in an article pertaining to my subject area. I started reading the mandatory 1 paragraph and 3 lines into it decided I had read enough. I just stopped and totally blew it off for no reason! I don't know what I was thinking, I just really did not want to be there and it was probably really obvious. I also did not make in attempt to cover my annoyance at the questions being asked which probably did not sit well with the interviewers. But whateves. The highlight was that I also had a 15 minute interview in French which was cool cause I knew one of the guys doing it, so it was pretty chill and fun to chat about life...

Enfin, who knows, but I am defiantly not keeping my fingers crossed....I guess I should not have put all my eggs in one basket and actually applied to multiple schools, but do I really want to become a high school teacher anyway?


testing link production

Posted on 2006.02.10 at 20:46
giovanni is helping me figure out how to make links.


chavez is my hero!!!!

Posted on 2006.02.09 at 09:23
Musique actuelle: ça a claqué dans l'air comme un coup d'un revolver

"váyase largo al cipote"

Well said!!!


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