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là et là et là

Posted on 2006.09.22 at 15:07
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So I finished my first two weeks of student teaching last week and now I am waiting around for classes to start up at the U again. At first I was looking forward to it, then I got the $3,400 price tag that came along with it. At the high school I was posted at the teachers had all kinds of fun technological gadgets from computers to digital cameras to digital projectors, and each student receives a laptop at the beginning of the year. And no, I know what you'll are thinking, this school is not in Bellevue, but in Shoreline which is by far not the richest school, but also not the poorest in the area either. On Tuesday I was back at the U to do a presentation with my cohort and we had no fun gadgets to use, just the overhead projector, which had a burnt out bulb. This leads me to wonder what exactly I am paying $3,400 for? It's fucking beyond me. As far as I can tell it's all to have the privilege of saying "Undergrad? Please, I'm a grad student." While I like this idea, I'll take any opportunity to brag when I'm paying this much money, I haven't noticed any difference between grad school and undergrad. I am still scrabbling to get into classes that are already filled. I am still sending e-mails to all the damn professors (who are all still on their summer holidays "out of the country") begging them the make an exception and let me into their classes even though I haven't met the prerequisites and then on top of that convince them to let me miss 2 weeks of their classes at the end of oct. when I go back into "the field" to conduct student interviews for my thesis. Stupid stupid stupid. School sucks.

On the other hand, on Friday I start my yoga classes. Belly dancing has been put off until winter, and salsa dancing might take place sooner than I thought. One of my grad-mates is a salsa fanatic and I have agreed to let her take me out one of these week-ends. If anyone else is interested......i also need a partner.

PS je cherche quelqu'un qui peut me dire comment la chanson "Sacre Charlemagne" se chante. Un ami libanais m'a dit que lui et ses cammarades de classes l'avaient chantée à la fin de chaque année scolaire. J'ai trouvé les paroles, mais je n'arrive pas à trouver la chanson elle-même. Est-ce on fait ça aussi en France? Peut-être que c'est quelque chose libanaise?

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