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transportation of the world

Posted on 2008.01.02 at 21:27
Current Location: Chennai
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I think I might have given people the wrong impression of Delhi’s public transportation system. Yes, the metro is fabulous and efficient, but it costs anywhere from 6-10 rupees a ride. In a country with a large population barely earning that a day, the metro is, more specifically, transportation of the middle class and tourists. This also explains why it runs on time, is rarely crowed (and there was generally always a seat available) in a city of 13,782,976 9 (2001), and is a little piece of cleanliness and serenity from the chaotic Delhi streets.

It is worth noting the transportation option of the lower class, as if is highly representative of what most people have to deal with. There are a series of run down busses that serve the various districts of Delhi. These buses are notorious for being over crowded and unsafe for pedestrians and riders alike. On our first day in Delhi, the Times of India ran a short article about Blue Lines’ (a local bus company) 114 victims for the year 2007. The person was coming off the bus (note: that busses here do not come to a complete stop, they merely slow down and the passengers have to jump off) and did not jump far enough away from the bus. He was crushed under the large back tires and declared dead at the scene. Two days later, we read about victim number 115 who was walking down the street when a bus barreled by and ran him over. The day we left Delhi for Chennai, victim 116 made the paper as the driver, who appeared to be making a complete stop, only for the bus to jerk backward running over victim number 116. On this particular ride the other passengers rioted and broke the bus windows threatening to light it on fire. In all the aforementioned cases, the driver of each bus fled the scene of the accident abandoning the bus and its passengers.

And of course, let’s not leave out the rich and fabulous who wander the streets in their chauffer driven SUVs, who have also been known to run over families sleeping on the island roundabouts or sidewalks in a drunken stupor (see http://www.mid-day.com for all the Bollywood gossip).

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