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here it goes..

Posted on 2007.12.30 at 22:41
Current Location: Paharganj
Humeur actuelle: sicksick
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Day 4 in Delhi. I have caught a cold. Somehow I have managed to ward it off the past 5 months, and now it has caught up to me. I blame it on a long night of lots of drinking with Minnie and her new husband, Akshay, who were determined to show us the classy side of Delhi by drowning us in India's finest brewed beer. We ended up at a ritzy hotel bar were Kingfisher was brought out and we never saw the end of it. Giovanni spilled the news that my birthday was the day before, which got them even more excited and then cider had to be brought out and drunk in mass quantities. sigh. I don't think i've drunk that much in years. Anyways, combine a heavy drinking night with continued jet lag and Delhi's pollution and dust and voila, a cold.

Tonight we leave on a 35 hour train ride to Chennai to make matters worse...or possibly better.

We decided to skip the tourist route from Delhi. So this will make my second trip to India w/out seeing the Taj. But oh well, another excuse to come back soon i guess.

We are meeting Ujjwala on the 3rd in Chennai and then heading down to Pondi for a few days. I am looking forward to the weather down there (a promising 90 degrees). Its been cool in Delhi, about 70 during the day and 40 at night. The first couple of days it was a real treat to have nothing but sun and much warmer temperatures than back in Seattle. Now that I am used to the nice temp. it gets colder as the days go by.

Delhi has been amazing. It is wonderful to be back in India, in the chaos of the developing world. Since last time we were here they have put in a metro which is amazing. It drives me crazy that the Indian govt. can put in a fabulous public transportation system that links the whole city in less than 2 years, and Seattle can't even come close. Seriously, one has to wonder which country is (or should be) part of the developing world.


wildcherrygal at 2007-12-31 23:56 (UTC) (Lien)
Hello! I haven't heard from you in forever. I hope you have a really good trip, and we should get together when you get back.
sybsyb at 2008-01-03 06:11 (UTC) (Lien)
For sure. Sorry I have been out of touch. school has been time consuming, but i will be finished in 12 weeks! I am so over it, you have no idea....
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